9 Tips On Asking For Referrals

Mar 13, 2023

Learning how to master referrals can double or triple your business, while helping you cut back on marketing spend. Asking for a referral is both an art form and a necessity for a growing business.

Here are nine tips to help you ask for a referral.  


1. Preparation

Research: Review your client database, looking for clients who have had positive interactions with your agency, such as successful claims or policy upgrades. Take note of any clients who have provided positive feedback or testimonials.

List and scheduling: Create a list of these clients, ranking them by the strength of your relationship. Schedule your calls for a time when you are most likely to reach them, such as after work hours or on weekends.



2. Build rapport:

Small talk: Begin the conversation with topics that are personal yet appropriate, such as asking about their recent vacation or a shared hobby.

Recall positive interactions: Mention a recent policy review that saved them money or a claim you helped them with that was settled quickly and efficiently.



3. Express gratitude:

Thank you message: "I wanted to personally thank you for your continued support and for choosing our agency for your insurance needs."



4. Highlight benefits:

Better services: "Referrals help us grow our client base, which enables us to negotiate better rates and offer more comprehensive coverage options."

Competitive rates: "By maintaining a strong client base through referrals, we can continue to provide competitive rates and keep your premiums as low as possible."



5. Timing:

Positive feedback: If a client compliments your service during the call, use that as an opportunity to transition into asking for a referral.

Issue resolution: After successfully resolving a client's concern, ask if they know anyone else who might benefit from your services.



6. Be specific:

Type of referral: "We're currently looking to help more people with their home and auto insurance needs. Do you have any friends, family, or colleagues who might be interested?"



7. Use open-ended questions:

Open-ended question: "Considering your positive experience with our agency, can you think of anyone in your network who might be interested in exploring their insurance options with us?"



8. Make it easy:

Email template: Offer to send an email template with a brief introduction of your services and your contact information, which your client can simply forward to their contacts.

Referral link: If your company has a referral program, provide a personalized referral link that the client can share on social media or via email.





9. Be gracious:

Appreciate their time: "I understand how valuable your time is, and I appreciate you taking a few minutes to chat with me today."

Respect their decision: If they're not comfortable providing a referral, thank them for their time and assure them that you'll continue providing the best service possible.



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