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Since 2014, our agents have been recognized with the most distinguished awards in Texas. 

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Kimberly Ayala

"Medicare Pro is more than just a group of Medicare agents. Medicare Pro is a team that works collectively together to strive for the best not just for their fellow agents, but also for the consumer. I love that Medicare Pro agents work closely off of each other’s strengths and weakness."

Tamicka Smith

"Our agency is full of people who love what we do. We are very passionate about working with our clients. We treat them like family. We operate with integrity and do the right thing for our clients every time. I love that our team supports each other and share knowledge with each other to ensure no one is left behind trying to figure it out on their own. We have an Amazing leader who provides us with phenomenal training, encouragement, support, and spiritual guidance as we put God in all that we do. We don’t just work together, we do life together and we have fun doing it! I’m very blessed to be a part of this team. My life has changed tremendously since I joined this team. We are set apart and we are Medicare Pros!"

Melissa Cantu

"Medicare Pro is an agency that is full of great leadership and agents that strive to want more out of life daily. Randall has done an amazing job with educating us on all the products and constantly giving us life skills beyond just work. I like that we are a close knit team with faith based values. Also love how we are all different and add value to one another."

Corey Chovanetz

"What I love about Medicare Pro is the passion everyone shows to commit to every client individually. Even if it’s not your client specifically everyone dedicates time to make sure they are taken care of."

Sharon Ramirez

"Too many things that I love about Medicare Pro the faith value and always doing the right thing. Also, the training! Randall does amazing not only in person but the amazing website with training videos I can watch at any time. My website, all the tools and quick tips."

Priscilla Cantu

"I love the faith values and doing things right. I would also say that being under Randall's Leadership has empowered me to grow, set goals and accomplish them. Randall is always educating our team on new things that are going on with Medicare and the carriers. Randall is selfless in the sense that he thinks of himself less and thinks of his team more. We have a team of people that challenge and inspire one another. We're a team that helps each other, respects each other and do team work together."

April Guerrero

"Coming into the partnership with Medicare Pro was completely God's plan. We prayed as co-workers and as individuals to find an up-line who would be dedicated to helping us grow both spiritually and in business. Randall and Kim were an answer to our prayers. The support they both have shown us in training every Monday and events when we request has been outstanding and life-changing. If you want your life to change for the better, working with Medicare Pro is definitely the way to go."

Robyn Sligar

"Working for Medicare Pro has been the biggest blessing! Finding a fulfilling career with a faith-based, integrity driven company, leader, and team that all share your Christian beliefs and values sadly is hard to come by, and to have all of those boxes checked is nearly unheard of. Randall does an outstanding job training and preparing us each and every week. He truly wants to ensure we are all set up for success! He goes above and beyond for our team in so many different ways. He puts in the time and effort unlike any leader I have ever worked with. Even though I am currently the only agent based in the DFW area, he always makes sure I have the support and guidance I need to build my business "brick by brick". I love being a part of the Medicare Pro team!"

Ruby Garcia

"When I first started as an agent, Randall Garcia owner of MedicarePro, reminded me of the God given gifts I had to offer our senior community and did not allow me to give up. He went further and implemented tools and resources to be an agent of integrity and value; always treating every single client as family. Furthermore, as a spiritual leader, he reminds us to live a life of love and honesty.
I am PROUD to be part of his team and I am so grateful that I chose him to be my leader! #MedicarePro"

Keisha Nickens

"One of the best agencies out there. Most definitely Medicare Pros! Very supportive and Christian based. They will welcome you with open arms and encourage you in your journey of being the BEST agent. So happy to be a part of this TEAM."

Valerie Villarreal

"The best part about medicarepro is the faith-based values and leadership. 
I also love the flexibility and option to take your business as far as you’d like to. 

Other great things:
1. We are trained to do what’s best for the client.
2. We have leaders that are present, helpful, and patient.
3. Our agents are a team and always willing to support one another"

Rey Lopez

"Working for Medicare Pro has changed my life profoundly. Before working with Randall and his amazing team I was always trying to figure things out on my own. This team has a very unique approach and put faith in God and its people first. The training has been amazing, and I have learned so much in the last year than I ever knew in the first five. I am truly blessed and will continue to support the best team in the San Antonio market. I’m proud to be a Medicare Pro."

Rabi Guerrero

"I love the integrity and accountability Medicare Pro has and instills in us. I love the vigorous training and dedication."

Armando Rodriguez Jr.

"I love that Medicare Pro is faith based!."

Blanca Flores

"Working with MedicarePro has been the best decision I have made by far. They definitely put our clients and faith first."

Thinking About Joining Our Amazing Team?

We would love to meet with you to discuss future opportunities of working together. Unlike most FMO's, Medicare Pro interviews each agent and assesses them to see if they would be a good fit for our team. This allows us to protect the integrity and team culture that we worked hard to build.

If you would like to schedule an interview, please email us below to get started.

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Medicare Pro Leadership

Great agencies have great leadership. Randall Garcia is an FMO agency leader that not only attracts quality talent, but attracts those who align with his faith and family values.

"We work together to get things done, but we also pray together before every team meeting. We love what we do in business, but we also have a passion for what we do at home. Faith and family are our first priorities, if we can keep those first two protected, then we can build the business."

Randall is also known as a pastor to Three:16 Church in San Antonio, TX. A church that he pastors with his father, Randy Garcia, Sr.

"I believe that my life is one big ministry. The way I lead at work, the way at lead at home and the way I lead at church are all from the overflow of what God gives me every day."

What Do Our Agents Get When Contracting with Medicare Pro?

Below are our value-added services that each agent gets 100% free when contracting with Medicare Pro.


Medicare Pro +

A World-Class Online Training Platform

Medicare Pro + is our world-class online training platform exclusively for contracted agents. 

Whether you are diving into a refresher course on Medicare 101, writing a business plan, or learning online marketing, Medicare Pro + has the tools you need to become a Pro.

In addition to our video trainings, Medicare Pro + also includes the "Pro Tips Podcast" and the "Pro Path" Coaching Program for agents to establish goals and accountability in building their Medicare business.

What's Included in Medicare Pro +

The Ultimate Medicare Jumpstart Program

It's Time to Launch Into Your Medicare Career

  • Medicare 101 Made Easy
  • Medicare Supplement Deep Dive
  • Medicare Advantage Deep Dive
  • Compliance for Medicare Agents
  • Medicare Sales with "EASE"
  • Word, Powerpoint, PDF Downloads
  • Ultimate Sales Scripts
  • 1-on-1 and Group Sales Training

The Medicare Sales Academy

Our Bread and Butter Training That Takes Agents from Zero to Hero

  • Business Planning Foundations
  • Analyzing Market and Market Trends
  • Comprehensive Marketing Strategy
  • Ultimate Retention Strategy
  • Grow, Scale and Domination Strategy
  • Tips for Landing Key Partners
  • The 5-Hour Workweek

Digital Marketing for Medicare Agents

How to Successfully Market Yourself Online

  • How to Brand Yourself Online
  • Organic vs Paid Traffic
  • Social Media Strategy & Implementation
  • Facebook, Instagram, TikTok Stategies
  • Building a Sales Funnel
  • Ad Optimization, Tracking and Ensuring a Positive ROI

Also Included...

Pro Tips Podcast

5-10 minute sound bites of the best of Randall's training and tips.

Pro Path Coaching

5 Outlined Strategy Sessions to help agents launch into a new Medicare career.

Slack Communication Channel

All of our team communication is done in Slack. As a part of the team, you can join in on conversation threads separated by carrier, coaching, communications, and more! Need help? We have a #911 thread for urgent questions, and we'll help you ASAP!

Other threads include #annoucements, #momentum-calls #pro-tips #humana #uhc #aetna #and many more!

And What About In-Person Trainings?

At Medicare Pro, we have weekly team meetings, trainings, and much more!

Momentum Calls

Every Monday at 9:30AM we join together for our weekly team meeting. This is our opportunity to pray together, cover important announcements and opportunities so that you can stay in the loop on everything you need to know.

Next Level Trainings

Every Monday at 10:00AM we set aside time to take our businesses to the next level! Every week is filled with new trainings ranging from social media marketing, provider marketing, product training, time management, and much more!

You've Never Seen Support and Training Like This

Since the founding of Medicare Pro, we have had 100% agent retention. Our mission is to make each agent successful, our promise is to "wow" every single agent, and our values are to serve people the way God has called us to.

Thinking About Joining Our Amazing Team?

We would love to meet with you to discuss future opportunities of working together. Unlike most FMO's, Medicare Pro interviews each agent and assesses them to see if they would be a good fit for our team. This allows us to protect the integrity and team culture that we worked hard to build.

If you would like to schedule an interview, please email us below to get started.

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