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Hi, We Are Team MedicarePro!


As Medicare Pros, We Make Medicare Easy! 


Hi, We Are Team MedicarePro 

As Medicare Pros, We Make Medicare Easy!

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Here's a Little Bit About Us:

We are independent agents, which means we will help you shop around for the right plan that fits your needs. You’ll get honest advice and feedback from us at all times and we promise to treat you like our own family!

We are Medicare educators, Medicare problem-solvers, and Medicare enthusiasts! 

Helping people with their Medicare is one of the most fulfilling things in our lives. We love hearing stories from our clients telling us about how much money they are saving, the extra benefits they are getting, and the care that they receive from their doctors. 

We figured it would be much easier for you to schedule one appointment with us, rather than trying to figure this all out on your own, scheduling multiple meetings, and making multiple calls.

Call/text or email us today so that we can get started!

Here's What We Cover In Every Appointment

As independent agents, our job is to thoroughly review all important information and help you choose a Medicare plan that fits you best. We are not partial to any particular insurance company because we handle our clients on a case-by-case basis. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need while also making it easy for you to understand your plan selection.

(You) Your Specific Needs

The most important part about everything we do is help you navigate the confusing world of Medicare. We evaluate your needs, look up your doctors, check your prescriptions and see what you qualify for.

(Part A & B)  Medicare Basics

We cover the Medicare basics such as the coverages and costs for Part A (Hospital) and Part B (Medical) insurance through Medicare. We help you understand the premiums, deductibles and co-insurance that Medicare charges.

(Part C) Medicare Advantage Plans

Whether you want to save money on an HMO or have the flexibility of a PPO, we compare and contrast the differences between these network-based plans.

(Part D) Prescriptions Drug Plans

Evaluating your drug coverage can many times be the most important part of choosing your plan. We analyze your prescriptions to help you save money!

(Medi-Gap) Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplement Plans are a popular choice for those who value the flexibility of seeing different doctors and who want to pay low out-of-pocket costs when receiving treatments. We can compare plans with over 50 different companies.

(MSP) Medicare Savings Programs

Some individuals qualify for extra help, Medicare savings programs, and even Medicaid. These programs can help with things like prescription drug copays, Part B Premiums, and more!

We Are Medicare Pros!

  1. We Are Independent Medicare agents. 

  2. We are local to San Antonio and surrounding areas. 

  3. Our job is to educate you, guide you and help you choose the plan that fits you best. 

  4. We have several years of professional experience in Medicare.

  5. There is no cost for our services. 

  6. We offer in-person, virtual meetings, or phone appointments.

Here's What People Are Saying About Medicare Pro

Jesse Gonzalez

"Medicare Pro helped make the Medicare enrollment process easy and gave me the confidence I needed to select my plan!"

Mary Cooke

"The agents at Medicare Pro have been a pleasure to work with. They show up on time, are always professional and most importantly helped solve my difficult problems with my Medicare Plan."

Jon Cramer

"I was confused, frustrated, and didn't know who to trust! A friend told me to call Medicare Pro and I was not disappointed with the service! Now I get to keep my doctors and I am saving so much money!"

Team Medicare Pro


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